Call me fanboy…

Call me fanboy if you must, but I’ve had iPhones since I could get my hands on a 2G model, and:

  • 2G: dropped it numerous times over the years, not a single scratch on the screen
  • iPhone 4: dropped it 2 hours after purchasing it, got a barely visible dent in the screen
  • iPhone 4S: fell a few times from the night stand… nada. No scratches

Dropped a month old Galaxy S3…

In my defence I’ll say with such a huge screen is sometimes difficult to get a proper grip on the phone while trying to tap the corners of the screen, where the buttons usually are. What happened to Fitt’s law?

2 thoughts on “Call me fanboy…

  1. things can break if they fall!? samsung sucks, I always play ping pong with my iphone if there is no ball available, it works just fine.

  2. Ouch. 🙁 My current pet theory on why so much Android hardware is so large is that it’s makes it a lot easier to design from machining and thermal engineering perspectives.

    Apple puts a lot of work in trimming the components down. It seems like it’d be very hard to slap something competitive together at the rate that Android OEMs move. It also helps that it’s really easy to convince US markets that bigger = better.

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